Traveling Art Journal Part 1: Gathering Ephemera Etc.

This summer my enormous family had a reunion. With 3 sisters, a few sister-in-laws, some cousins and several adult nieces I thought of Art Camp for Women and of how art journaling would land in the mix. I gave advance warning to the family and issued invitations to the women. I packed supplies I thought we could all share and told anyone else who wanted to join in – to bring a journal.


Working Table

Map of Whidbey with thrift store locations marked on the map! the blue and black designs top right page are earrings with the posts cut off.

As with all travel you have to carry anything acquired – so ephemera needs to be small, lightweight and cheap enough to discard the extras. We were all born at the reunion location or very nearby so shopping and exploring were on the agenda already, we just added in thrift stores and garage sales to get some local flavor. You have already seen some of the junk jewelry pieces Jan, aka Sister II, added to her cover.

MB-minimal supplies

Using the minimum of supplies (pre-shopping) Sister #1 made a display of where we are all scattered to now! Watercolor crayons, water brush and pen.

Supplies: A journal – I like watercolor paperweight, glue stick, scissors, tape, watercolor crayons, water brush, pens, matte gel medium and heavy gel medium (because one of us came in a car).
Ephemera: Napkins, maps, business cards, post cards, pressed plant materials, very flat rocks
Thrift Store finds: Old jewelry, old postcards, rubber stamps, music note stickers and more!
To add in: photos

NOTE: New post at Hut-n-Trek with some pictures from our first Art Camp Adventure in the Alps

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