The Traveling Art Journal Part 5 – Adding in the Natural World and More

We continue on the theme started with the Julie Fei-Fan Balzer take on the 5 main ways of Art Journaling which I still refer to. Her categories are (or were a few years ago) Painty, Wordy, Collage-ish, Scrapbook-ish, Doodler and I have added a sixth type Fabric-oriented.

Today another take on collaging some nature from the area and adding more of each category on one spread. Sister II just jumped in with both feet and took off. Here she used fern plants picked on the way from the parking lot to the beach, tiny flat stones from the beach, a current photo of the bridge and a couple of text cut outs from the park brochure.


She pressed the fern in a phone book overnight and used heavy gel medium to adhere the ferns and the stones.


She pasted a photo from that day on back of first photo. Then she used an antique postcard of the bridge found in an old family photo album from 1935. The way she layered the photos shows the bridge dates quite cleverly – see the first picture above. Here she used washi tape for the hinge. The washi tape isn’t real strong so it is probably decorating something stronger i.e. masking tape, underneath.

Jan's Deception Pass #3

Above she added another photo of the beach from the day and to the right you can see butterflies sticker-type tape holding in another insert. The shell on the blue ribbon was made by one of the younger set and will be used either to mark her place in the journal or as a closing ribbon.


A couple more of the old photos from the family album. These really added interest to the current art journal.Jan's Deception Pass #5B

Please note that Sister II has left plenty of room for journaling on each set of pages – and she has caught on to taking photos as she goes – I could learn something from  her!


As with all travel you have to carry anything acquired – so ephemera needs to be small, lightweight and cheap enough to discard the extras.  When shopping add in thrift stores, farmer’s markets and garage sales to get some local flavor. If anyone will be joining you by car, have them bring the heavy/bulky stuff and pay for your share.

Supplies: A journal, glue stick, scissors, tape, watercolor crayons, water brush, pens, matte gel medium and heavy gel medium (if you have room).

Ephemera: Napkins, maps, business cards, post cards, pressed plant materials, very flat rocks.

Thrift Store Finds: Old jewelry, old postcards, rubber stamps, music note stickers, other stickers and ribbon.

Tourist Information Stops: Local maps, Stickers – often bumper sticker size, brochures with local names in fancy fonts, key chains or other dingle-bobs.

Add in at home: Printed photos from the trip. Relevant treasures (i.e. old photos, postcards and fabric) you have at home.

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