Paper Stacks, Art Appreciation Online and In Life!

Paper Stacks

Art Journal Paper Stacks

A couple of days ago while browsing along through some blogs I came across Seth Apter’s blog The Altered Page.   He is hosting a kind of “blog gallery show.” He calls it  Paper Stacks, an online collaboration.

Since I’ve been staring at two or three stacks of art journals waiting to find their permanent homes for more than a few days I thought ‘Why not?”

There is a kind of comfortable, at-home feel to a stack of art journals. This is a good thing because it seems that I always have some (stacks of journals that is).

Art Journal stacks 2

I was trying to find the surface of my table!

I took some pictures and decided to play. Best way to figure out how this blog network stuff works – just jump in and start flailing around. When you see this posting you may  follow the link back over to his blog and check out the entire collaboration if you are interested.

Art Journals Stack #2

Art Journals Stack #2 - that's an altered book on the bottom...

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