PanPastels! Coming to Art Camp for Women This Year!!

Art Camp for Women will be using PanPastels
at Gypsy Summer Camp and this fall
for Carla Sonheim’s classes (October 11-14).

Several years ago we  came across PanPastels via a Teesha Moore video on YouTube (see below).  We hadn’t heard of them before so went off – scouring the internet and YouTube for more information.  Whenever we discovered anything new about PanPastels we would post it on our blog. People thought we were PanPastel experts and we had to say we were just posting tutorials and videos by other people – this was more than 5 years ago, so folk were a little more naive about blogging and videos.

Finally we got a hold of  some of the actual PanPastels and were  delighted by their all-round modernity and versatility.  Super rich pigment, economic usage (a little goes a long ways) easy application, blending and mixing, and even attention to low dust and mess. If you wanted to – you could use these pans while riding in the car.

Who creates a new state-of-the-art art supply out of an ages old art medium?
We wanted to find out! 

Ladd Forsline and Bernadette Ward, a husband and wife team, that’s who! Ladd and Berni are the founders of Colorfin, LLC and they  invented, produce and market PanPastels and the Sofft Tools applicators. ladd and berni

Lorri Flint and I wanted to interview Ladd and Berni, just to get to know who thinks like this and how it all came about. When we spoke with Berni she was up for it, but between her schedule and ours it just seemed impossible. Then we found an interview in the archives of Cloth Paper Scissors and didn’t see the need to replicate the terrific job done by Ricë Freeman-Zachary.

It takes a lot of time to get all the various permissions to reprint or re-use an article so we are giving you a link to the interview here.

Ricë (rhymes with Lisa) is an inquisitive and insightful interviewer as well as a  great writer so it is more than worth your time to read about these amazing artists and their unique product.  Here is a link to Ricë’s personal art blog.
80 Panset

Looking at the picture doesn’t quite give you the depth of color, creamy softness or the smooth blendy-juicyness of each and every stroke of the Softt Tool. But you can see the full range of color from tint to shade.

As you can imagine, PanPastels do not come cheap, but they are definitely worth the money. They will last you just short of forever, but if you want to give them a test drive first, get yourself to our Gypsy Summer Camp or to Carla Sonheim’s class – or even better – “The Works!” this fall! Thanks to Berni and Ladd there will be plenty of PanPastels and Sofft Tools to go around!

While this probably won’t save you any money – you will know one way of the other if you want to add this wonderful art medium to your inventory!

For those of you that have already acquired some PanPastels here are a couple more video tutorials to keep you playing! To find PanPastels near you or online look here.

PortraitDemonstration by Pam Carriker:

An Art Journal Page:

And finally – A demonstration of the use of the Sofft Tools and the PanPastels by Ladd Forsline, artist and inventor.

And if this isn’t enough to keep you busy for a week – try this link and look in the sidebar there for more videos!









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