October 2012 Art Camp for Women Bonus Day & Deluxe Camp

In the middle of the week we have BONUS DAY! Our “The Works!” Campers stay and have a class, our Mini-Campers go home and our Deluxe Campers arrive! It is a busy day!
Bonus Day with ReginaBonus Day Gratefulness Boxes with instructor Regina Rooney.

Then Kelli Nina Perkins arrived and we moved into the mixed-media portion of camp.

Kelli taught us many  paper art and fabric art techniques  to come up with a self portrait piece entitled Tempest in a Teacup.

Class with KelliWe painted with water color paints using a fool-proof method that allowed us to play out fantasies of wildly-curled-colored hair and gems in our teeth…
Pictures into PortraitsWe used a common child’s toy to produce and embellish charms that expressed each person’s own life themes.
Custom Charms

We machine-stitched and beaded and then hand-stitched!  We combined paper art and fabric art techniques, and each of us came up with a unique and individual self-portrait.

Mixed Media Self Portraits

 Are we having fun yet?

We also used our paintings and ephemera to make some  poetry spools and some delicious little personalized journals oh and did I mention the antique spoon poetry?…too much fun!


3 comments to October 2012 Art Camp for Women Bonus Day & Deluxe Camp

  • Vicky Reynolds

    I love the idea of art camp but unfortunately I live in a rural community England and I’m registered disabled. It would be great to have something similar in Hereford UK.

    • admin

      Vicky – We do have women from far away quite often and we do appreciate that it may just not be possible. We have vague ideas about having a short Art Camp in Ireland, but don’t hold your breath. Thank you for taking the time to write though. This week is Thanksgiving week here in the states, and one of the “things” we are most thankful for is our readers. Thank you-be well. Lori and Lorri

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