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Lori Wostl – Journaling Art

Lori Wostl is an entrepreneur, a writer and a self-taught artist who enjoys art journaling, altered art, collaging, jewelry making and watercolor .

Lori has been journaling and collaging since high school, but in 2007 she took some classes in art journaling and it felt like she had come home. Lori will make her debut on the design team of Artistcellar in February, 2013.

Lori has two grown children, a daughter-in-law,  two grandkids, and a dear husband of forty plus years. She loves her family, being outdoors, her studio and blogging – not necessarily in that order.  It is so hard to choose between a weekend outside or a cozy weekend by the fireplace in her studio that she usually lets the weather make the choice for her.

Lori’s classes are relaxed,  fun and jam-packed with the many ideas and techniques. Most of her classes include writing practice as well as the visual aspects of art journaling.

Lori stays on the leading edge of mixed-media art through the internet and by taking several classes a year. You can see Lori’s art on her blog http://www.keepanartjournal.com.

Lori’s day job is her coaching business and she loves coaching women in issues that impact the workability of every day life.  So if something is bugging you or just not going as well as you would like it to, Lori would be more than happy to have a short conversation about it. You will be surprised how much can get done when 2 women put their heads together.

No Room for More, More, More!

No Room for More, More, More!

Special Occasion Journal 2

Partially folded Occasion Journal

Dec Journal Pages

Recent Journal Pages by Lori – tape, stencils, drawing and more

Dec 2 Journal Page

Another recent page acrylic paint, pens, stamps

Lori outside

Getting inspiration

Dec3 Journal pages

More pages, old text, stickers, tape, gel pens