Kelli Nina Perkins|Art Workshops for October| A Peek to Pique Your Curiosity

Kelli Nina Perkins a Peek to Pique

Peek to Pique - Art Workshops in October

Appearing out of the mist of the enchanted forest of the internet, Kelli lures us into her spell with the subtle approach to her oh-so-unsubtle, magical, mixed-media art.
“During Art Camp, we’ll have plenty of time to veer off the beaten path to explore randomness in all its forms.” Kelli invites and then casually adds, “We’ll make random poetry, do some random art journaling, make some random marks with bleach, paint, stamps and foil, meander on our pages with random thread sketching and see what happens when we leave the safety of our comfortable art nest. We may just find that we can fly!”

“We will?” We all gulp incredulously.
“I can’t write!” cries one.
“I do not do random well at all,” says another with despair.
“And I don’t think I am up to this!” sighs another.
“How do you propose we go about this?” We all look hopefully to Kelli, the blue-haired goddess.

“On the first morning of the art workshops, we’ll weave wonderment by incorporating vintage text from old books into a variety of forms, creating a subtext of meaning that burbles below the surface. Sorting through lost words, we’ll let other voices speak in lines of random poetry we turn into art.” Kelli is so clever, soothing our anxious voices.

“And then after our (scrumptious) lunch, we’ll surprise ourselves by finding out we can turn a simple pen sketch into a glorious fabric surface.” With a deprecating shrug she turns away.

“But then what will we do?” We call after her. She turns to smile and wave, fading back into the misty internet, leaving us waiting to hear more from Kelli in our next newsletter.

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