Flip Side Friday – On The Move

Bopping around Europe (actually at this point it is creeping creakily) is WAY fun and the vicissitudes – aka electronics – of daily life recede into the background. We are back into town life for about a week before the next hiking trip and I find many little details have fallen by the wayside – like scheduled posts that didn’t happen. Eeek – that is all I will say about that.

Our first hut-to-hut trek started by taking a cable car, a small bus-like carriage hanging from large cables, up out of the rain! Steep! and though I am not crazy
Cable car to Gablonzer Hutabout heights I was totally grateful not to be hiking that mountain! We just stopped all the action and stayed at the first Hütte we came to – Gablonzer Hütte. We found a corner table and I spread out my art journal and started playing. It was quiet in the dining/common room and we sipped at our drinks, nibbled at some food and stayed there for a couple of hours before dinner.

Gablonzer chimney sketch

Pen sketch ala Jane LaFazio using watercolor crayons, pencils and brush.

The hardest part of this trip is finding time and quiet to journal and do in-real-time posts. Being on the move is just that  – moving.  I have no problem sitting among the gabbling german-speak after dinner with relatives, making backgrounds or gluing and taping, but…

gablonzer pg2

Glued in napkin, map and brochure piece.

BUT! I have found it takes a steely resolve to put your head down and write or paint…even with those closest who understand what’s up.


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