Flip Side Friday #19 – Practice, Persevere at Your Play!


Mask under Stencil – spray inks

Showing the backpacking avatar of Lori – surrounding myself with the images I want to BE and DO – an experiment in living a life worth having i.e. A Life I Love.

I sort of subscribe to the idea of manifesting my thoughts, but I must say to have my vision –  I have to practice and to persevere in my practices. I have to do it with a vague faith (manifesting my thoughts) that all will turn out for the best. And because I am human just like the rest of you…I get distracted, depressed, fussy, bratty, busy, tired –  all the moods and physical ailments that come the way of the modern human being.

What has me actually able to practice and persevere – the doing part of this equation – is PLAY! If I can take my wants and needs to a playground on a regular basis, then practice becomes fun and perseverance is a piece of cake. Has anything really changed? Maybe, but for the life I want to have I need to be physically active on a regular basis and I have to still my runaway mind and I need to write and make art. Sounds like a lot when you add it to making a living. Words of work – Just think about trying to schedule running 3 times a week, hiking once or twice a week, weight lifting, scheduling writing time and photo time and for gods sake – paint and come up with new ideas….gets tiring just to think of it.

If I just change the words to words of play: modeling women as healthy and happy for my g-dot, hiking dates with my man, 20 minutes of extra blanket snuggles i.e. meditation every morning, nanowrimo – write a novel in a month, play in the studio with whatever comes to my hand. Share the goodies with my friends by blogging and having art dates…why would I miss any of that?

So while practice and perseverance may sound a little tough – I only use them  for PLAY! Which makes it all worth while!

Gearing up to PLAY

Lori Gearing up to PLAY

NOTE: I reserve my Friday posts for more personal musings. I reserve the first half of December for taking account of the year and the second half of December for coming up with what I want to be, do and have for the following year.  I always have more journal pages than I have room to post so I also use Friday for that.

This past year I have used three different masks as my personal avatars. I use them to represent me in my journals. This year I have a runner, a backpacker and a meditator. I made the masks from photos of myself so I could really feel represented. HOWEVER – I did the scissor diet – LOL – I trimmed my weight by about 5 pounds by trimming the mask. Next year I don’t need the scissors!

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