Flip Side Friday #12 – Vintage Treasures Found!

From my husband’s-other-sister’s-husband’s storage came some vintage treasures!┬áCarefully cut and saved through wars, famine and more wars, now something that just takes up storage space.

Lace in box

This trove came into the light of day after visiting a handcrafts museum display. Seeing my interest in the stitching and other fabrics, Klaus asked if I had any use for this kind of thing? You understand we communicate via a combination of German, English and charades…Lace closeup

That evening he came out with a box marked SPITZEN (which means something like little points i.e. lace) the box was stuffed with these lovely scraps. Carefully cut and saved, now something that none of the children, grandchildren or great grandchildren have the time, room or use for. He diffidently offered them to me. Believe me this ALL fit in my suitcase – I was going out to buy another if they didn’t!

I am a huge fan and follower of Mary Ann Moss and loved her online class Remains of the Day. I have made more than one journal using that class and have often wished I had something more elegant to make a really, REALLY special piece…ahem…now I do!


These pieces are mostly hand-stitched and some must be made using machines – I just can’t believe otherwise – but they are not mass-produced and were made in the homes and shops of my husband’s family in the 19th and early 20th century.

Even if you don’t have relatives in Europe or old family homesteads in the U.S. you can find similar goodies at flea markets and thrift stores. I found some in Florence, Italy and then some in a second-hand store in Nebraska. But as our families age there are less of these lovelies surviving – so keep your eyes open.

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