On the Road 2015 – January – Colorado to Texas

One thing that is really noticeable to me and what attracts me on road trips are the repetitive patterns that go for miles and miles and miles.

Tracks disappearing

In January we headed south for a road trip from Colorado to Texas.  Rather than take the giant interstates we took the smaller Highway 287. This highway takes us through the more rural, less developed parts of the states we crossed. I don’t know if these patterns happen in the east but in the Southwest and the West here is what you see.


Coal Train

TRACKS: And right along beside the trains are more tracks:


TELEPHONE/POWER POLES: And the power poles and the frontage roads.


AGRICULTURE: Silos holding grains for transport at the train sidings:


 Irrigation Pivots when placed in the fields seem to be about 1/4 mile-long.


Up close they also make interesting patterns:

Pivot close up

FENCE POSTS: Miles and miles of fence posts in every variety. My favorite are these old wooden posts seemingly made from railroad ties.

Fence posts

I am taking these photos from a moving vehicle and will be using them in my different sketchbooks, using different types of mediums such as water color crayons, pencils and pans. And I can’t wait to try my LYRA Graphitkreide Crayons on those silos…most likely you will see some of these later on in this very blog.

In the meantime here is a water color of the giant wind generators (heck – I didn’t even mention the wind generator installations) that are now resident in miles and miles of rural (i.e. empty/underpopulated) plains.WindgeneratorsX

How do you preserve your road trips? Do you take road trips? Do you take pictures and then paint (etc) later? Or do you go from memory? Let me know in the comments.