Flip Side Friday #20 – New Beginnings

Relief Stamping

I am making several new journals for my new year. I will have journals just for writing and art journals for writing and arting. I will also have separate journals for various classes, different events and then of course my traveling art journals.

One way I have of starting fresh or marking something as a new beginning, is by starting with all fresh and new journals. The one I showed in last Wednesday’s post is one of my favorites.

I primed the plain brown cover with gesso mostly so the colors I add later will show better, and partly to strengthen the cover page.

Next I took four stamps, 2 homemade and two store bought and one by one I painted them with clear matte gel medium and stamped them onto the cover.Inside cover

I used a flower, a leaf, a twig and a small tree trunk stamp. Putting them together made a floral tree with branches and leaves of different sizes. Kind of like some of the commercial scrapbook papers you see with the collage already in the base.

The images dried clear and a little raised from the surface, not enough to be bulky or to be knocked off. Once dry I rubbed over them  with stamp pads. The ups and downs of the relief made shadows and light and dark contrasts just in the rubbing. 

I will add lines and doodles to the images over the life of the journal. I know myself well enough to know that I will do this. If you don’t have this type of habit, you can draw in lines and doodles and add script as you like.  

The solstice is coming this weekend – do you celebrate?


Flip Side Friday #16 – Pages that Live Beyond Your Journal!

PinkBatikPageThese are some of the favorite pages I have made so far in my art journaling life that started in 2007. I am thinking of making fabric from these patterns. I am thinking of copying them for back grounds of other papers for printing.


I want to stencil over them again and add text and, and, and…sometimes you make a page spread that will live far beyond your daily journals. This is when it is more than exciting – it is fulfilling.


Flip Side Friday #15 – Using the Prepared Pages

When I show the pictures for the Wednesday posts I sometimes forget you may not have seen (because I didn’t show you) the BEFORE picture of the pages. I am very conscientious about taking before and after pictures but then it seems like they take too much room. So here is a BEFORE picture for last Wednesday’s post.


I would also like to point out that the pages are not perfect or figured out before I get to them for writing.

The stamps you see here were made out of kids fun foam sheets with sticky backs. The leaf pattern was melted in with a heat tool that looks like a soldering iron. The little coil was just free hand cut with scissors and stuck to a backing. You can see that these also are not perfect. I like the kind of organic look and how they fit over and in the stenciled in circles. Do you?

Flip Side Friday #14 – The Waiting Game

the waiting gameThe past two weeks have been full of waiting – waiting for busses, planes, boring explanations in a class, waiting for meals, kids and my turn to vote. You name it and there we are waiting!

During that class I mentioned? I turned to a page in my journal that had no prep work on it just a little bleed through and called it my WAITING page. This particular journal has grid marks on the pages so I drew a 4 X 4 square, got out a pen and filled in the square. Next stop – I pulled it out again. Soon I was looking forward to a chance to “wait” making what can be boring or frustrating into my next practice session.

Have you done this or something similar?


Flip Side Friday #13 – Halloween Aside


Appropriately number 13 comes up this week! What are you doing for Halloween, Samhain, All Saints’ Day or Dia de los Muertos i.e. Day of the Dead? Which one do you celebrate or do you celebrate any of them? What do you think about dressing up or getting into a costume?

PreTorn page

My European relatives are closer to the original Catholic beginnings of the All Saints’ Day and go to the cemetery for a day of remembrance and prayer. My G-kids gleefully dress up and come up with crazy antics for the day – making me say prayers for their teachers and care takers at the schools.

Me? I spend the week previous enjoying the last of our Colorado fall weather, art journaling and stitching torn seams in the “perfect costume” for the kids. I think we get a Hippie and a Dr. Who this year.

Somehow at this time of year I fall into a space of gratitude for my life. My family is healthy and thriving. I have more “stuff” than I know what to do with. My friendships are deep and not dependent on location. My man and I have had great adventures and are planning for more…in fact I think what I am feeling is the abundance of my daily life.

Thanks for reading.