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Lorri Flint, Carla Sonheim, Lori Wostl

Just a quick note you know that over at
Carla Sonheim’s blog  there is a daily drawing taking place.

The drawing is in celebration of the release of
Steve Sonheim’s book  Creative Photography Lab: 52 Fun Exercises for Developing Self-Expression with your Camera.

Carla will be teaching Draw, Paint, Play – the Art of Silliness at Art Camp for Women this fall – October 11-14. Don’t miss this opportunity to work with Carla in person!

Silliness with Carla Sonheim – a Video Hello!

Carla talks about her teaching gig with us this fall.
You can get a sense of the real-ness of Carla and her
lighthearted love of art and teaching art by watching this video:

A Free Tutorial by Carla Sonheim adding PanPastels to the Silliness!

Mini-Tutorial: PanPastel Critters by Carla Sonheim

I am really looking forward to returning to Art Camp for Women in just a few short months! We will draw and paint using a variety of media — including PanPastels! I fell in love with them over a year ago and have come up with several new ways to use them since then (that I will present for the first time next October).

The following mini-tutorial shows the process of how I created the creatures on the cover of my book, “Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals: A Mixed-Media Workshop with Carla Sonheim.”

Imaginary Animals Cover

Supplies Needed:

3-5 colors of PanPastels (or regular soft pastel will work, too)
paper towel or white cotton rag
ballpoint pen
kneaded rubber eraser
hard eraser (like the end of a pencil)

Pan 1
Using the paper towel or white cotton rag over your index finger, lay down several splotches of one color.

Pan 2
Repeat Step 1 with a second color. Do not try to “make” anything at this point, but just lay down colors fairly randomly (though close together).

Pan 3
Repeat with a third color.

Pan 4 STEP 4
Using your kneaded rubber eraser, apply medium pressure over the whole shape and blend the edges into each other. This will also lighten the colors a bit. (Some of the pastels will adhere to your eraser; simply “knead” it out and it will go away.)

Now, look at the shape you have started. Do you see anything? I kind of saw a bird at this stage, so…

Pan 5

… I took the eraser and “drew” the bird shape in by erasing areas to define the beak, chest, etc. So Step 5, then, is take your eraser and define your animal (or face, house, plant, flower, or whatever else you “see”).

Pan 6

Add other colors with your rag and finger to define it more; add darker areas if desired for shading.

Pan 7
Use your kneaded eraser to back off any areas that are too heavy-handed compared to the rest of the piece, or the pencil eraser to pull out finer details (like the hair on this bird).

Pan 8STEP 8
Outline your drawing with ballpoint pen. Use shorter strokes rather than one continuous line (click to enlarge to see detail).

Pan 9STEP 9
Using more short strokes, add shading. I imagined that a sun was peeking from the upper right corner, and so shaded the areas underneath the bird’s beak, face and chest (which would be in shadow if there was a real light source there).

Pan 10STEP 10
Finish your drawing by adding details such as wings, eye pupils, etc. You might also need to touch up areas around the drawing with your eraser if the pastels have smudged. Done?

Pan Final
Even though your drawing is finished, there are ways you can improve it digitally if you would like to share it online. In this case I lightened the background and made sure the color was even. I used the “clone” tool in Photoshop to touch up some of the pastel remnants (under the bird’s face, for example). I even took liberties with the cropping so the bird was now flying rather than almost sitting.

NOW it’s done!
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That Was Fun! October 2012 Art Camp for Women – the first part…

WOW! and WHEW!
How could it get any better?

Welcome Happy Hour
Welcome Happy Hour!

Carla Sonheim‘s class surpassed all expectations!

We started with warm up drawing exercises loosening up our hands as well as our inhibitions.

Class with Carla Sonheim

Class with Carla Sonheim

Then we  moved on to making art books using watercolor paper:

Water Color with Carla

Water Color with Carla

We did so much more art, but I am still compiling and editing pictures so you will have to be content with this much this week – stay tuned for the next installment!



Art Camp for Women Now in Session! Yippee!

When you read this we will be right in the middle of Art Camp for Women,
October Session, 2012!

As I write this  there is a monumental stack of art supplies, table embellishments, convenience items etcetera building up in the garage waiting for the final van packing!

Stage 1 - From storage to the upstairs

Stage 1 - From storage to the upstairs

Lorri Flint is double checking quantities and putting the final ingredients onto the grocery list. And I am typing last-minute reminders to the teachers, campers, chef and,  last but not least, us!

Double checking the grocery list.

Lorri is double checking the grocery list.

We are planning on having a giant art-slumber party with Carla Sonheim, Kelli Nina Perkins, our chef, the two of us and around 20 wildly excited women from all over the United States and Canada!

Hope you get to join us some day soon!