Happy Ground Dog’s Day!

Pencil and Ink sketch with water color

Pencil and Ink sketch with Water Color

We are half-way to Spring!

Did you know that February 2nd is exactly halfway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox? Here in Colorado we don’t have ground hogs, we have prairie dogs, do they count? I saw them out in the sun earlier this week does that count?

Winter has not been kind this year and I have NO winter adventures planned – so I cannot wait for the spring thaw and our Spring Art Camp for Women with guest artist/instructor Beryl Taylor!

Here’s a pretty link to brighten your winter day and warm your heart right down to your toes.

I Think We’re DONE!

Such sweet words! Lorri and I (Lori) are artists not HTML geeks. Never-the-less, in the last two weeks we have completely rebuilt the Art Camp for Women site on our own! And instead of killing each other in the process, we became better friends and more appreciative of each others strengths and abilities.

Beryl Taylor and Alisa Burke will be our 2011 featured Artist-Instructors! Beryl will be our guest instructor for the spring session starting May 26 and going to June 1. And Alisa Burke will be our guest instructor for the fall session starting October 11th and going to the 17th.

You will see as you look around our site, Art Camp for Women is growing up right along with the website. 2011 promises to be our biggest and best season yet. Currently we have two full sessions completely planned and ready to go and if all goes well (cross your fingers, knock on wood) we will be adding further sessions along the way.

Even though we are growing up we are still keeping our enrollment to 20 campers per session – so if this looks like what you want to do – do not delay your registration.