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Ideas need to sit in the cocoon just like the caterpillar before it becomes the butterfly. Seems like nothing is happening and then BANG something new and exciting is there.holzmeister alm2-1

In September Art Camp Adventures will team up with Hut-n-Trek and do the test drive of the Austrian Alps Art Camp Adventure. We can still take one or two intrepid art adventurers along for a mere $1200.00 US. We can accommodate singles or even a couple – and yes your men are welcome too.

If you are interested, email your name and  phone number to registration[at]artcampforwomen[dot]com and we will talk to fill in details to see if this is a fit for all of us.



We will blog as much as possible from the adventure in Europe and repost all published blog posts to our Facebook page so you can get a sense of an Art Camp Adventure right from the comfort of your armchair or desk.

We are looking at alternating years with art adventures in the states one year and outside of the country the next year. For each “test drive” adventure there will be special low (at cost) prices so pay attention if you want to get in on a great deal.



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Gypsy Summer Camp Review!

Lori W’s guest post at Artistcellar today is Part 1 of our Journal Class in Pictures – go check it out!

You might just see yourself there!

Journal class I


Gypsy Summer Camp – Deconstructed Dye Fun!

Here are some of the highlights of the Deconstructed Dye Class at

our first ever Gypsy Summer Camp!

Deconstructed Dye Class

Day 1 – Deconstructed Dye Demonstration

After the demonstration and explanation – our Gypsy Women dived into making the design on their silk screens.Dot Designing Screen


Virginia Designing Her Screen


Cheri Designing Screen


These women hit the ground running and at the end of Day 1 the screens were on the porch drying!

Drying screens

Screens Drying at the End of Day 1

DD-D2 Class Printing

DAY 2 Deconstructed Printing 

Carol Designing ScreenCarol

Deconstructed Dye Class Day 2 consisted of the actual dying process with thickened dye scraped through the silk screens over and over to produce an amazing affect.

The suspense waiting for the shirts and tea cloths to return from being laundered on Day 3 was intense! And the end result was worth waiting for!

Shannon's finished shirt

Shannon’s Finished Shirt

 The eye-popping shirts were gratifying and stunning. And our women had a new appreciation of what goes into hand-dyed products.

Cindy's Finished ShirtCindy’s Finished Shirt!

Janelle's Finished Shirt

Janelle’s Finished Shirt

Jill's Finished Shirt

Jill’s Finished Shirt

Laura's Finished Shirt

Laura’s Finished Shirt

DDeconstructed Dye Success

As you can see – every shirt came out uniquely beautiful. Even the one Dot made for her husband!

Diane's Finished Shirt

Diane liked her shirt so well she wore it to show-and-tell at our Hobo Picnic on our final night.

Hobo Supper

Hobo Supper on the Deck

Rainbow at the End

And At the End – Happy Campers!

Sometimes You Have to Stop Doing Something…

So There will be Room for Something New to Show Up!

For the past 8 years we, Lorri and Lori, have eaten, slept and breathed Art Camp for Women. We have laughed, learned, met wonderful and talented women from all over North America, learned some more and laughed some more. And if we were younger we would probably keep going for another couple of years.

Between the slow economic recovery, the inconvenience and cost of air travel  and the advance of our technology overall, it doesn’t bode well for the timely growth of our small art retreat venue.  While we are not losing money; neither one of us could buy our own groceries on what we are making at Art Camp.  And we don’t shop at Whole Foods.  In plain English, at this rate by the time we could live off of Art Camp for Women we would be in nursing homes.

That is the stopping part – the almost sad part.

The something new part:


Lori Wostl

Lori Wostl says:
First I want to say how enormously satisfying it has been to work closely with another woman as a business partner. Lorri Flint and I have had to invent doing business in a way that two very strong personalities could be expressed and thrive. We have an extraordinary and unprecedented  relationship that could be a new model for doing business. We will continue our friendship with hiking and art days. And I, Lori W. will be continuing with Art Camp for Women in whatever form that will take.

I have two kids in their 30s and two kids entering their teens (my grandkids) at home.  This  gives me the  rather random lifestyle that fits for blogging, art journaling and running an art service business online. My husband is retired and we will be adventuring more freely.

Lorri Flint

Lorri Flint

Lorri Flint says:  It has been an incredibly fulfilling 8 years creating with all of the women who have come to Camp; as Campers and as Instructors.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount about websites and photoshop and the details of running a successful retreat.  The saddest part for me is that I will not be working with my business partner, Lori.  We are very good together, have lots of laughs and will remain friends and have art days together instead.

My husband and I have two sons (one out of college and one almost out of college) and we are looking at buying a franchise to operate together.  We’re ready for something new and together we have the energy to build a business that can take us into retirement…whatever that word means!  I’m also looking forward to doing more of my own art.

Thank you for caring and for your support – in whatever form it has taken – over the years. We especially want to thank the women including the instructors we have gotten to know through one or more Art Camp sessions. Each of you holds a special place in our hearts.

Art Journaling Basics-Stencils, Pens and a Light Heart!

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Don’t Worry – Be Happy!